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At 2:40 on the June 29 Xu, from Changsha to Shenzhen (K9017) and in Tongren to Shenzhen in the West (K9063 times) the train collision occurred in Chenzhou Railway Station Accident . Initial investigation, three people were killed and 60 injured. (See 30 Western Business News A26 Edition)

Train collision, the already terrible. Even more frightening is that even a train collision occurred one after another!

Last April 28, Beijing, Qingdao, T195 time bound train to Jinan Railway between Zhoucun to Wangcun when offline, and up to Yantai to Xuzhou 5034 Train collision, resulting in 72 deaths, more than 400 people were injured. As for other types of railway accidents, are too numerous. These Accidents Occurrence, is a microcosm of railway management.

German Pa Busi? Hain has said: "behind every serious accident, there are 9 minor accidents and 300 attempts and 1,000 from the hidden danger threatened." Repeated train collision, without exception, and management systems and management can not eliminate the security risks is directly related to it can be said, the train collided in mid-, due to the repeated security "derailed."

Both serious accidents, minor accidents, attempted threatened, or potential causes of accidents there are management or mismanagement of the embodiment of absence. Domestic railway place these major incidents, not an isolated incident, but is closely related with the current railway management. It is a minor incident on the repeated failure to timely respond, will eventually lead to major accidents. Among these are the reasons for mismanagement and system, there are management problems. In any case, all reflected in the management level, and this is where most should reflect, if not effective, deep reflection, to remedy the situation, improve the system, similar to the tragedy may be repeated.

The surface, the domestic railway Safety Considerable attention is paid to the railway sector from the various meetings held reflected. But this emphasis on safety, if not stop the train collided time and again, only shows current railway management problems, the capacity of managers can not let the system play a role, so that large and small, hidden resolve trace.

Jiaoji railway took place, has caused accountability mechanisms, Jinan Railway Administration Deputy Secretary, Bureau of the Standing Committee of Guo Jiguang party of 6 were transferred to judicial organs investigated for criminal responsibility according to law; to the Ministry of Railways Hu Yadong, vice minister of demerits punishment , Minister of Railways Liu Zhijun given a demerit. It now appears that such accountability is far from railway authorities did not lead to emphasis on safety, or so far to promote the accountability of the railway Security Management Patterns change, improve the management system, will implement the safety. Allow the safe operation of the railway, must choose useful people to improve the system, manage the railway, and so can not manage people off the railway. Therefore, we must promote a higher level of accountability mechanisms, so that the safety management system will not "derail", which is now the best thing to do.
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Comments: Train Collision Due To The Security Mechanism "derail" - A Train Collision, The

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Comments: Train Collision Due To The Security Mechanism "derail" - A Train Collision, The

This article was published on 2010/11/02